We recommend reading these booking and reservation conditions. They set out the rights and obligations for both you and CeskySight. After having made a booking for accommodation at CeskySight, you confirm you agree with the terms and conditions of our organisation.



These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, bookings and agreements with regard to all accommodation rented out by CeskySight.

These General Terms and Conditions apply regardless of whether you refer to any of your own terms and conditions of other general terms and conditions (in advance). CeskySight rejects all General Terms and Conditions you refer to or use.



The tenant: the person with whom CeskySight concludes an agreement with regard to the rental and use of accommodation.

The user or guest: the tenant and the persons, indicated by the tenant, who use or will use the accommodation and/or other facilities that is rented out.

The owner: the statutory owner of the accommodation, which he can rent out and/or the person authorised to rent out the accommodation.

The manager: the person appointed by the owner to manage the accommodation. The manager usually holds the keys.

The agreement: the booking for which booking fees are due.

The travel sum: the rent plus surcharges, insurance and deposit.



2.1 When CeskySight processes a booking, you will receive a written booking confirmation within 5 working days, provided your preferred accommodation is available. The agreement is concluded after CeskySight has sent the booking confirmation.

2.2 CeskySight will send you an invoice within 10 working days of receipt of the booking confirmation. You need to check this invoice immediately upon receipt to ensure it is correct. CeskySight needs to be notified of any errors immediately.

2.3 CeskySight only accepts bookings from persons aged 18 or over. Bookings made by persons younger than 18 are, therefore, not valid.

2.4 CeskySight reserves the right to refuse deviating bookings - those by groups in particular - or to attach special conditions to them, without having to state the reason.

2.5 The agreement relates to the rental of accommodations and/or other facilities for recreational use that is brief in nature.

2.6 You are charged €24.00 in booking fees for every booking confirmation. These fees are charged only once for combined trips (multiple locations during successive weeks).



3.1 If, after the formation of the agreement, you wish to make changes to the agreement, CeskySight is not obliged to accept them. CeskySight is entitled to determine if and to what extent it accepts these changes. In the event that CeskySight accepts your changes, CeskySight may charge an adjustment fee.

3.2     If you want to change anything after having made the booking, we will charge €20.00. Our organisation will not make any changes to the agreement within one week of departure.



4.1 Unless otherwise agreed with CeskySight in writing, the tenant and other users are not permitted to allow persons other than those mentioned in the agreement to use the accommodation under any title and for whatever reason.

4.2 If you and CeskySight have agreed that you and/or one or more users will be substituted, you, in addition to the tenant and/or users who replace you and/or other users, remain jointly and severally liable towards CeskySight for payment of the outstanding part of the rent, the adjustment fee (see article 3.1) and any additional costs as a result of the substitution and any cancellation costs.



5.1 You owe CeskySight the agreed rent quoted in the written confirmation and on the invoice of the booking. If the costs of CeskySight (energy, taxes, etc.) have demonstrably and unexpectedly risen after conclusion of the agreement, CeskySight is entitled to increase its prices and charge you the increased price. If such a price increase is implemented within 3 months of having concluded the agreement, that price increase will be no more than 5% of the previously agreed price and you will be entitled to dissolve the agreement for that reason.

5.2 Price discounts and/or special offers can no longer be used when CeskySight has sent the booking confirmation and/or the invoice.

5.3 All prices are inclusive of VAT to the extent applicable.



6.1 Apart from the rent, the tenant must also pay booking fees, a surcharge for cleaning and energy consumption and tourist tax. For some accommodations, a fee for bed linen and kitchen towels is payable.



7.1 After having received the booking confirmation and invoice, you have to pay 30% of the travel sum and the premium of any cancellation insurance or travel insurance within 8 days.

7.2 The remaining amount of the travel sum must have been received by CeskySight no later than 6 weeks before the day on which your stay as detailed in the booking confirmation commences.

7.3 When you make a booking within 6 weeks of the start of your stay, you must pay the full travel sum within 14 days of the date on the confirmation/invoice. When upon arrival at the park or the accommodation it transpires that the money has not reached the bank account of CeskySight yet (in full), you have to pay the (remainder of the) money there and then. Failing payment in accordance with the above, CeskySight can deny you the use of the accommodation and/or other facilities. If it later transpires that you did issue a payment instruction but that the money had not reached the bank account of CeskySight upon arrival, any money paid in excess will be refunded later.

7.4 In the event of late payment of the amounts invoiced to you, you are in default with immediate effect following the expiry of the payment term. In that case, CeskySight will write to you and give you the opportunity to pay the outstanding amount within 7 days. If payment is still not forthcoming, CeskySight reserves the right to dissolve (cancel) the agreement with effect from the day on which the 7-day term has expired and you will be liable for all damage suffered or to be suffered by CeskySight as a result of this, including all costs to be incurred by CeskySight in connection with your booking and dissolution of the agreement. CeskySight is in any case entitled to charge cancellation costs per accommodation. In that case, the provisions of article 13 apply.

7.5 CeskySight is at all times entitled to set off claims it has against you for whatever reason against the amounts paid by you. 


8.1 The rented accommodation can be occupied between 16.00 and 19.00 hrs on the agreed arrival date given in the booking confirmation. The accommodation must be vacated before 10.00 hrs on the agreed departure date given in the booking confirmation.

8.2 If the use of the accommodation and/or other facility is ended before the agreed date given in the booking confirmation, the tenant is not entitled to a refund from CeskySight of (part of) the rent and/or costs. If you have taken out cancellation insurance and you meet the conditions stipulated by the insurance company, you can send a claim directly to the insurance company for reasons of early termination.




9.1 All guests staying at a holiday park have to comply with the rules stipulated for these parks as set out in the Park Regulations. You can ask for a copy of these regulations at reception when you arrive.

All tenants and users staying in private accommodation have to comply with the rules stipulated by the owner, set out in Internal Regulations. These internal Regulations are kept in the accommodation.

9.2 In accordance with local regulations you are obliged to prove your identity when asked when you check in. If guests are unable to present proof of ID, CeskySight may decide not to grant the guests access.

9.3     All accommodation can be occupied only by the maximum number of persons quoted on the website for the accommodation in question.

9.4 For safety reasons you are not permitted to set up tents, caravans or camper vans next to the accommodation.

9.5 Upon violation of the rules set out in these General Terms and Conditions, CeskySight is entitled to remove the tenant and any other user from the accommodation with immediate effect without having to make a refund of the rent or part thereof.

9.6 If the manager or park management has a strong suspicion that the tenant of an accommodation acts in violation of the law and/or public order and/or public decency, the former are entitled to gain access to the accommodation.


10. PETS

10.1 Depending on the accommodation, the tenant or users can bring a maximum of one pet. This must be mentioned immediately when the booking is made. In that case, CeskySight will add a surcharge which you will have to pay. CeskySight reserves the right to refuse a pet without having to state the reasons. In some parks and accommodations, pets are not allowed.

10.2 Pets are not allowed in water features, swimming pools, restaurants, indoor centre facilities and other public facilities in the park or near the accommodation. Outside the accommodation, pets must be kept on a lead. Local instructions must be followed. Pets should not cause a nuisance to other guests, neighbours or local residents.

10.3 Dog baskets are compulsory, as are flea collars for dogs/cats.

10.4 Visitors are not permitted to bring pets.

10.5 If you are transporting animals to countries within the EU, they need to have a European-model passport. Animals must be vaccinated against rabies and identification by means of a chip or tattoo is compulsory. You are personally responsible for arranging the correct travel documents required for your destination.



11.1 The tenant and users are obliged to hire bed linen for the accommodation, provided this is not issued by the owner of the accommodation.

11.2 When leaving the accommodation, the tenant must leave it broom clean. This means that the kitchen is clean and that no dirty dishes are left behind. The fridge is clean and contains no food, while all rubbish bags are left in the container. The bed linen has been removed from the beds and is folded.

11.3 The tenant and users are jointly and severally liable for a normal routine in and around the rented accommodation in the park, the use of the accommodation and the equipment inside.

11.4 Furthermore, the tenant and users are at all times jointly and severally liable for damage caused by breakage and/or loss of and/or damage to furniture and equipment and/or the accommodation. Any damage must be reported to CeskySight by the tenant immediately and must be paid for there and then, unless the tenant can demonstrate that the damage cannot be attributed to himself, other users or one of the members of his company.




12.1 At the start of your stay (to be arranged by the manager) or when you make the booking, CeskySight will ask for a deposit. The minimum amount of the deposit is €200.00 per accommodation but CeskySight may increase this in the case of group rentals.

12.2. The deposit serves to pay for damage and/or costs - in the broadest sense of the word - which CeskySight may incur when the tenant and those accompanying him fail to fulfil their obligations.

12.3. When the deposit is not paid immediately, CeskySight is entitled to deny the tenant and/or other users access to and use of the accommodation.

12.4 If you fail to pay the deposit, CeskySight is also entitled to dissolve (cancel) the agreement with immediate effect.

12.5 The deposit or any remainder thereof is returned after setting off claims (damage to furniture and equipment/the accommodation and/or other costs) CeskySight has against the tenant and/or users. Any (further) claims for compensation are not nullified through this return.



13.1 If a booking is cancelled, cancellation charges are due. We, therefore, recommend taking out cancellation insurance. In that case, you will no longer be liable for the travel sum from the moment you make the booking when you are forced to cancel due to certain events as set out in the terms and conditions of Europeesche. We can only accept cancellations in writing.

If you do not take out cancellation insurance or if you cancel for a reason that is not covered by Europeesche you owe the following payment:

In the case of cancellation, booking fees and insurance premiums already paid are not refunded.

Cancellations that qualify for the cancellation insurance are processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance of Europeesche.

13.2 You can insure yourself against this risk by taking out cancellation insurance when you make a booking.

13.3 If you have not arrived without further notification within 24 hours of the agreed date, it will be regarded as a cancellation.



14.1 It is possible to make a booking for a period with regard to which no rates are published yet. The tenant has to pay €40.00 in advance as an advance payment, which will be settled with the final rent. If the provisional booking is not converted into a permanent one, the advance payment will be refunded.



15.1 In the event that CeskySight is (temporarily or otherwise) unable to perform all or part of the agreement, it will issue a proposal for change (for different accommodation, another period, etc.) within 14 days of having been notified of the impossibility to comply with the agreement.

15.2 Force majeure on the part of CeskySight ensues when all or part of the performance of the agreement is, temporarily or otherwise, impeded by circumstances that are beyond the control of CeskySight, which include imminent war, staff strikes, blockades, fire, flooding and other disruptions or events.

15.3 You are entitled to reject the proposal for change. If you do reject the proposal for change, you need to announce this within 14 days of having received the proposal for change. In that case, CeskySight is entitled to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect. You will be entitled to a remission and/or refund of the rent or any part of the rent already paid. In that case, CeskySight will not be obliged to pay any compensation.



16.1 CeskySight is at all times entitled to cancel the agreement with immediate effect if the personal details of yourself and/or other users given at the time of the booking are incomplete and/or incorrect. In such cases, no refund of the rent or part thereof is made.



17.1 CeskySight does not accept any liability for theft (including theft from safety deposit boxes in the bungalows and swimming pool lockers), loss of or damage to objects or individuals of whatever nature during or as a result of staying at one of our parks and/or renting/using accommodation and/or other facilities of CeskySight unless it concerns intent or gross negligence on the part of CeskySight or (one of) its members of staff.

17.2 Liability for damage consisting of lost travel enjoyment or trading losses and other consequential damage is excluded under all circumstances. Furthermore, CeskySight is not liable for damage for which liability for compensation ensues by virtue of travel and/or cancellation insurance or any other type of insurance.

17.3 CeskySight is not liable for interruptions in the service provision or shortcomings in services provided by third parties.

17.4 Liability based on an unlawful act is, in any case, limited to a maximum of €75,000.00 in the case of personal accidents per guest per stay, while liability for material damage is, in any case, limited to a maximum of €1,500.00 per tenant/user per stay.

17.5 You and the user are jointly and severally liable for all loss of and/or damage to the rented accommodation and/or other property of CeskySight or the accommodation ensuing from the use thereof by you and/or other users, regardless of whether this is the result of an act or omission on your part and/or third parties who are staying at the accommodation with your approval.

17.6 You indemnify CeskySight against all third-party claims that are (also) the result of any act or omission on your part, other users, your travel companions or third parties who are staying at the accommodation with your approval.

17.7 If the accommodation is not used correctly or is not vacated properly, which includes but is not limited to excessive filthiness, extra costs will be charged which you must pay immediately.



18.1 Despite CeskySight’s great care and efforts, you may feel that you have a justified complaint about your holiday stay. In the first instance, you must report this complaint there and then to park management or the manager of the accommodation you are staying at. Should the complaint not be resolved satisfactorily, you can submit the complaint in writing within 1 month of having departed the park accommodation to: CeskySight, De Seine 6, 9033 XV Deinum (the Netherlands), with the following reference: booking number, name and address details, the date of your stay, the name of the park and/or accommodation number. The complaint will be processed with great care. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution either, you can submit your complaint to the Recreation Industry Disputes Committee [Geschillencommissie Recreatie] in The Hague or to the legally competent court up to 3 months after your departure from the park. The decision of this committee comes in the form of a binding opinion.



19.1    The agreement between you and CeskySight is exclusively governed by the laws of the Netherlands.



20.1 You are personally responsible for arranging valid travel documents required for your destination. CeskySight does not accept liability for the consequences of not having the right travel documents.



21.1 All the information you provide us with is kept in a file. This file is registered with the Data Protection Authority [College Bescherming Persoonsgegeven] in The Hague. The data file is used for our guest accounts. This data can also be used to provide you with targeted information and offers about our products and services.

21.1 At your request, we will correct, supplement, remove or block your data if the data is factually incorrect, for instance. You have the right to ask us to tell you if your personal data is being processed.



22.1 Apparent printing and typesetting errors do not bind CeskySight.

22.2 These General Terms and Conditions render all previous publications invalid.


This agreement is also subject to the conditions of the guarantee scheme of the Travel Compensation Fund [Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR)] in Rotterdam. These conditions are available for inspection at the Travel Compensation Fund, they have been filed at the register of the district court in Rotterdam as well as at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam, they are promptly sent to you free of charge following a request to the Travel Compensation Fund and can be found on www.sgr.nl.


CeskySight, Chamber of Commerce. 01139718, is a member of the Travel Compensation Fund.